Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Friday Images For the Love of Music

Images are free to use in your personal or commercial work, but you may not re-share,distribute ,or claim/infer them to be your own. You may sell your handmade art with LONS images, however images are not to be used in part or whole on/for collage sheets/CD's or any type of Digital download
One of my very first auction jackpots was a huge box of old music sheets. I wasn't sure at the time what I was going to do with all those wonderful pages of music, but I knew that box of loot was to good to pass up. Once I started to explore mixed media it didn't take me long to find a way to use some of my pages. Most of my collages start out with some sort of music sheet more times than not they are hidden under layers of paint. With all the stuff I've created over the years I still haven't made a dent in that stash.  The covers are stunning and I love using reprints of them in my work too. Here are a couple with nice fonts and graphics.
The bottom sheet is a cover that I used to make a stamp brush in photo shop. I like creating these so I can use the image in any color I want. 
Until next time take care and have a creative day Deborah  


Mary Ann Potter said...

What pretty images! Thanks so much! I love these vintage pieces; I so appreciate your sharing them. I'm working on a little collage with them and will send you a link to it when it' finished. 8-)

shabbied up grannie said...

beautiful images - thank you for sharing them

Bev xx

Mary Ann Potter said...

Hi! Here's a link to the little collage I made with these elements this afternoon. You can probably get to this photograph by clicking on my name; it's on Flickr.