Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Image Friday - Little Olive the Easter Paper Doll

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I received this wonderful easter card from my sweet neighbour Jess who is 75, she got it about 15 years ago from her 95 year old friend Olive. Olive received it from her aunt Olive when she was a little girl. So this little card has passed many hands I would date it from the mid 1920's to the 30's. The sad part is it was never played with, which is why its in such wonderful shape good.  this is a good thing for use today but poor little Olive never had the heart to play with her doll for fear of hurting it. I'm passing this little one on to you all and I hope she played with and enjoyed.
Take care Deborah 


Diana said...

What a amazing history. Love it . Thank u so very much for sharing. They don't make them like this any more. So sad.

April Rogers said...

Well she will be reprinted and played with lovingly in this house hold. Thank you so much for sharing her and her story.
xo Nana Rogers